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Super Metroid Game Review
« on: June 12, 2011, 03:08:17 AM »
Developed by Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., and published by Nintendo of America Inc., Super Metroid was released in April of 1994. Also known as "Metroid III," this third of the Metroid series is widely considered one of the most popular and best adventure games ever. And because of this it is more difficult to come by, and more costly than other SNES games. It is without a doubt the best and most epic of the Metroid Series. It introduces itself with some history of the previous two Metroid games, and ties it into the beginning of this game very nicely. The game features our galactic bounty hunter hero Samus Aran, who returns to the planet Zebes (home of the original Metroid) in pursuit of the Mother Brain and her space pirate cronies. Unfortunately, they have rebuilt their bases there and stolen the last Metroid larva in the galaxy. It's up to our bounty hunter to attempt to retrieve the last surviving Metroid.

The Super Metroid game world is labyrinth-like and there are many different locations in Zebes that you will have to explore. There is a comprehensive collection of some really nice power-ups you can find in the game, like energy tanks, bomb upgrades, super missiles, health upgrades and special secrets. Samus continues to be able to transform into a fast round ball that allows him to traverse small and hard to reach places. He must begin the game with only five missiles but you can upgrade to carry over 200. The planet is full of the Mother Brain's minions and deadly traps. The stages and bosses are tough, but the good news is that there are a lot of save points in the game so you can get back to that particular boss stage. With your special battle suit filled with powerful weapons, you now have the ability to do some really amazing moves, and to shoot in all directions. And trust me, you will need every bit of your skill and weaponry to defeat the Mother Brain. Playing this game is a joy. And it's not only the battles, but the explorations and searching out secrets is entertaining and enjoyable. Behind any door that you open may be some surprise present. It's almost like opening up a mystery box not aware what might be inside. And on top of all the fun, it is still one of the best designed, most cleverly thought out and has the most intriguing gameplay of any SNES game.

Everything about the graphics for Metroid 3 are outstanding, the scenery is crisp, the creatures are big and well designed, the weapons realistic and the new bosses colorful and well detailed. Super Metroid is one of the most atmospheric games made. The sound effects are nice, but it is the music that is of a very melancholy nature, perfect for the game setting and never repetitive. Of course this changes when fighting bosses, but it's all perfectly handled. Sound effects are dead on, and entertaining. Super Metroid goes back to, and improves on the original Metroid formula and the result is a Old-School New-School SNES classic that has obtained Classic status and endures to this day as a gamer favorite.

Super Metroid is very challenging, and "if" you beat the game, there are different endings to the adventure, depending on  how fast you do it. In my view, this is a must have in any gamer's collection.

Review by NesMan (NeS GaMeR)