1 Set of N64 Controller Joystick Thumbstick Replacement Parts


n64pt23 - Don't be misled by other flimsy replacement parts that don't stop that wobbly joystick, these will help or your money back. Two N64 joystick replacement parts for repair of one original N64 controller. Is your Nintendo 64 controller analog joystick wobbly, the thumbstick won't return to center or is very unresponsive? Is your Nintendo 64 thumb stick a disaster when you do those 360 degree joystick spins? Then your Nintendo 64 analog Joystick Thumbstick alignment harness part is probably worn and needs to be replaced. The solution is right here with these plastic N64 replacement alignment joystick parts. These are not original Nintendo 64 OEM plastic parts, but replacement parts that are nearly identical and are 100 percent compatible with any official (OEM) Nintendo 64 controller.

Have you tried the cheap new third party whole joystick replacement modules that you see selling all over? ...Horrible! You will notice the difference in those 3rd party joystick modules right away as they are poorly made electronically, and nearly uncontrollable in most shooter or racing games? With the current collection of joystick modules it is difficult to perform quick and precise movements, as they don't register with the same crisp, smooth accuracy as the original Nintendo joysticks. Because of this warped electronic sensitivity, precise quick moves in games like Resident Evil or the 360 spin attack in Zelda, or aiming in games like Goldeneye is nearly impossible. In games where you need quick response, sure navigation or quick accurate aiming or shooting, nothing beats the original N64 joystick module. Replace worn your plastic controller harness with these.

The solution is to keep your original Nintendo 64 joystick module and only replace the small worn out plastic part that is causing the major portion of the loose action in your joystick. You can very easily repair your worn out Nintendo 64 part with this joystick repair replacement part (which is the most common problem with N64 controllers) in as little as 10-15 minutes with just small Phillips head screwdrivers. The Nintendo 64 OEM thumbstick modules are quality, well-made devices, but the small plastic alignment part wears out and the thumb stick becomes loose and sloppy over time with extensive gameplay. With this N64 thumb stick repair and replacement part, you can be playing with a Nintendo 64 controller that responds like it's supposed to. These N64 thumb stick repair parts are much cheaper than purchasing and breaking in another N64 controller. To remove your worn plastic part and replace with this one, you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver. Includes two pieces to repair one controller, the top and bottom plastic alignment parts. These are different in size so make sure you place the smaller one on top. Make sure you note "carefully" how the pieces are set when you took it apart, so you put it back together in the same manner.

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