XENO v2.0 NGC Change Machine Readable Nintendo GC Direct Reading

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gqpt045 - US Seller/shipper = Fast Shipping - The XenoGC is a drive chip for the Nintendo Gamecube which allows you to boot unsigned code such as DVDs, Direct boot of DVD+-RW media, your game backups, as well as bootable homebrew discs. It features region free loading of disks as well. It's installed directly on the disc board and injects patch code into the DVD drive at run time to enable debug commands and read DVD+/-R/RW. The XenoGC version 2.0 provides MultiGame support.(Version 2.0 is displayed as version 1.5) and has a green or orange LED to indicate when the drive was successfully patched. It is compatible with all regions & all versions of the gamecube. It is a excellent modchip for Nintendo GameCube that has no wires to attach, and is easily soldered. This Xeno Gamecube mod chip has a very unique hardware design that directly interfaces with the serial debug port on the laser unit. It also features two status LEDs that will indicate correct function. Enlarge The XenoGC 2.0 red LED is active when the drive resets and the chip is working doing its job. After the drive has been patched successfully, the XenoGC 2.0 green LED will light up. Please check your install procedure if you only get the red LED, or it doesn't light up at all. NGC XENO GC V2.0 2.0 chip IC For Nintendo Game Cube information. If you are unsure how to perform this mod installation, you can reference places that show video clips (such as YouTube Gamecube Modchips) featuring the step by step processes. It's really a simple job with a soldering iron. We take no responsibility for any improper installations or damages caused by such. This chip is meant for qualified technicians only. If you really aren't qualified to to install this, we don't recommend you purchase it. See the installation image (above, right - click to enlarge), illustrating where the chip and board solder points are.

Product Details

  • Version: xenoGC 2.0
  • Model Number: 203027
  • Platform: Nintendo GameCube System (NGC)
  • Region: NTSC / PAL region force
  • Installation: Wireless Install
  • Format: IC
  • Packaging: Anti-static
  • Package Weight: 4 oz
  • Package Size: 3.94in x 2.36in x 3.15in
  • Condition: Brand New


  • Direct boot of DVD+-RW media
  • Compatible with all regions & all versions
  • Region free loading
  • Multigame disc support
  • No need to remove mainboard
  • Installation control LEDs
  • Switchable read setting adjustment / error retry
  • Switchable audiofix
  • Selfbooting homebrew linux discs


  • Disable audio fix - Press left shoulder button during disc load.
  • Disable DRE fix - Press right shoulder button during disc load.
  • Force NTSC display mode - Press X button during disc load.
  • Force PAL display mode - Press Y button during disc load.
  • XenoGC Shell (multigame disc loader) - Press START button during disc load

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