AV TV Video Game Scart RGB Cable For Nintendo SNES Gamecube N64


sac021 - Sometimes referred to as the IEC 933-1 standard, Scart is an acronym that stands for "Syndicat Français des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radio et Télévision." In the US that roughly translates to "standard connector for audio, radio, and television." For SNES, N64 and gamecube that can output RGB, the Scart cable gives a higher quality picture than standard Nintendo AV or Composite. This is because SCART is bidirectional and carries 6 other signals next to RGB, not counting the data link pins, plus two voltage pins. This cable is fully compatible with the following Nintendo systems:

      Super Nintendo US version (not the SNES mini)
      Super Famicom (not the SFC Jr.)
      RGB capable SNES Mini/SFC Jr. (that has had RGB upgrade)
      RGB capable N64 (that has had RGB upgrade)

Note that Scart is not compatible with other Nintendo consoles such as the NES ir Wii. Scart is also known as Péritel or Peritelevision in places like France, 21-pin EuroSCART (Sharp's marketing term in Asia), Euroconector or EuroAV. In America, and the EIA Multiport (an EIA interface).


  1. Flexible screened cable
  2. Moulded Nintendo video port plug with strain relief
  3. Pins: 21 Euro (21 wires:RGB/10 wires:CVBS)
  4. Audio signal: Bi-directional Stereo
  5. Video signal: Composite (bi-directional), RGB (uni-directional) or S-Video
  6. Data signal: D²B and widescreen switching
  7. Pins: 21 (21 wires:RGB/10 wires:CVBS) 10 (10 wires:CVBS)

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Vakind
  • Model Number: 99672
  • Platform: Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64(N64) and Gamecube (GCN)
  • Region: NTSC (N. America), Europe
  • Cable Length: Approximately 6ft (184cm)
  • Incompatibility: NES, Wii,
  • Type: Video System Accessories
  • Format: Cable
  • Condition: Brand New

Female connector seen from the front

Pin 1 Audio output (right)
Pin 2 Audio input (right)
Pin 3 Audio output (left/mono)
Pin 4 Audio ground
Pin 5 RGB Blue ground (pin 7 ground)
Pin 6 Audio input (left/mono)
Pin 7 RGB Blue up
          S-Video C down (Rarely Supported)
          Component PB up (non-standard extension)
Pin 8 Status & Aspect Ratio up[c]
          0–2 V ? off
          +5–8 V ? on/16:9
          +9.5–12 V ? on/4:3
Pin 9 RGB Green ground (pin 11 ground)
Pin 10 Clock / Data 2 (protocol not standardised)
          Control bus (AV.link)
Pin 11 RGB Green up
          Component Y up (non-standard extension)
Pin 12 Reserved / Data 1 (protocol not standardised)
Pin 13 RGB Red ground (pin 15 ground)
Pin 14 Usually Data signal ground (pins 8, 10 & 12 ground)
Pin 15 RGB Red up
          S-Video C up
          Component PR up (non-standard extension)
Pin 16Blanking signal up
          RGB-selection voltage up
          ­ 0–0.4 V ? composite
          ­ 1–3 V ? RGB
Pin 17 Composite video ground (pin 19 & 20 ground)
Pin 18 Blanking signal ground (pin 16 ground)
Pin 19 Composite video output
          S-Video Y output
Pin 20 Composite video input
          S-Video Y input
Pin 21 Shell/Chassis (part of the shell/surround)

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