The Legend of Zelda: Gold Edition


#gm0030 - Gold Edition - Released in February of 1986 this is the classic 5 Star role-playing game (RPG) Legendary in it's exploration, addictive gameplay, and popularity. As an heroic elf named Link in the land called Hyrule, you embark on a quest to save the princess Zelda, who has been captured by the dark Lord Ganon. She has scattered the pieces of the Triforce across the land and it is up to you to find them and then slay the wicked Ganon in order to save the Princess. In a surreal world that is populated with quaint towns and forests full of monsters, it's easy to see why this was voted "Best NES Game" of all time. The Legend of Zelda is an enduring epic adventure in puzzle solving, medieval fantasy and good old fashioned action packed exploration where there is always something new to find. You explore dungeons, dozens of hidden passages, collect rupees, and solve baffling puzzles. In the towns there are shops where you can buy things with the Rupees you have collected, and also friendly people who can help you. What makes the Legend of Zelda for NES such an enduring classic is that it is a RPG full of surprises, adventure, secrets, hidden passages and caves, diverse enemies, and many weapons objects such as shields, swords, magic potions, boomerangs and arrows, and an addictive quest! You battle with monsters, bats and dragons. The gameplay is typical arcade style, but the game is extraordinary. You can save your game and start later where you left off, and if you get defeated, you can use the continue option and begin again at the starting location with the items you collected up to that point. This is the early Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) masterpiece that (for all intents and purposes) started the RPG home video genre. Having a classic of this magnitude is indeed Five Stars, and provides a multitude of challenge, exploration, fun and adventure. The Legend of Zelda game is positively top notch, worth every penny, and more!

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