Complete Gamecube Laser Mountings, Shield, CD Assembly & Xeno


GCPT027Ze - This is a complete Gamecube laser, mountings, shield and motors assembly module with all applicable circuit boards for DOL-001. It has the XENO v2.0 NGC Change Machine Readable Nintendo GC Direct Reading chip installed. This XenoGC is a drive chip that allows you to boot American games, japanese games, Pal games, unsigned code such as DVDs, Direct boot of DVD+-RW media, your game backups, as well as bootable homebrew discs. It features region free loading of disks as well. It's installed directly on the disc circuit board and injects patch code into the DVD drive at run time to enable debug commands and read DVD+/-R/RW. The XenoGC version 2.0 provides MultiGame support and is compatible with all regions & all versions of the gamecube. EnlargeIt is a excellent modchip for Nintendo GameCube and is attached without sloppy wires or hot wax. The Xeno Gamecube mod chip has a very unique hardware design that directly interfaces with the serial debug port on the laser unit. It also features two status LEDs that will indicate correct function.

This full module includes the CD Disk board, laser, Xeno chip, disk spindle, motor, gears, rail, mounting, ribbon cables, CD assembly, CPU shield, everything you need to pop this right onto your motherboard and get you going again. Excellent workmanship and thoroughly tested to assure quality.

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