Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World


sgm0001x - Very rare combination game - Five "Super Classic Mario" Games in One Nintendo Cartridge - Developed and published by Nintendo of America Inc., and released in August of 1993, Super Mario All Stars & Super Mario World is a rare compilation of five classic Super Mario Brothers games into one SNES cartridge. These are the great classic games that never grow old, as even years after its release it is still among the greatest SNES games of All Time! Included are Super Mario Brothers 1, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels (which is sort of a more difficult Super Mario Bros.), and the expansive Super Mario World. The great thing about the Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World series is that anyone of any gender, intellect or age can play with hours of entertainment. In this version of these games the level designs and gameplay is exactly the same, but Nintendo has given the 8-bit NES versions a 16-bit facelift incorporating better graphics and sound to compliment the SNES architecture. As for the sounds and music, they are awesome! Everyone knows these very catchy songs (even today), which just added to the mystique of these games. Another new option of Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World is that you now have the ability to save your game progress and come back and finish the game later. With the battery-backed memory you can save up to four players’ progress in each game. There is no other SNES game more universally acceptable as a bonafide "must have" item. With Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario World you get many great classic games in one package. All stars was already a rare and vaunted gem, and now with this version including Mario World, this game is that much better. Not many games can be "rightly" called a masterpiece, but Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World is a game cartridge that has gotten the title the hard way. It earned it! Pre-owned NOT a Reproduction - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating E for Everyone - Rarity Rating B+ - Review by NES Gamer

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