Zombies Ate My Neighbors


SGM0016 - Developed by LucasArts and published by Konami Corporation, "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" is a rare game tat was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1993. This is a comical, immersive, quirky, action and adventure game that took the SNES world by surprise with its great sense of style, fun and addicting action. You play the game Zombies Ate My Neighbors as either the male Zeke, or the female Julia. The scenario is that Zombies have invaded your neighborhood and are out to to eat your neighbors. And you are the only one who can save the innocent victims of your town, and you do so by rescuing those you find from this fate. From babies to cheerleaders, you are their last hope. But you will have to defeat the many different and original enemies that you will encounter. Enemies such as mummies, vampires and zombies (to name a few) in 55 challemging levels in order to save them. These diverse levels range from beaches, back yards and the local mall, to the grocery store, underground area and football fields. There is a set number of neighbors you have to rescue on every level. So when they are all free, then the exit door opens and you can go to the next level. You also have to defeat the bosses that wait at the end of each level. Your weapons will range from a water gun to to bazooka. Apart from the 55 levels, there are also secret levels. In the multiplayer mode, you can play with a friend cooperatively to defeat the enemies. the gameplay is almost flawless, with solid controls and abilities. As for graphics, the visual presentation in Zombies Ate My Neighbors is the best SNES graphics and sound of the time. And the design crafting that keeps the game fresh for 55 diverse levels is nothing short of astounding. In the sound area, the catchy music grows on you, and the sound effects for characters are very nicely done. This is a "Classic" with a capital C, and should be in every SNES game collector's Library! One of the best SNES games ever full of charm and fun. In gaming circles Zombies Ate My Neighbors is known as ZAMN, and in Europe it is simply called "Zombies". Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating E for Everyone - Rarity Rating C - Review by NES Gamer

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