Replacement for Nintendo NES CIC (Lockout chip) NullCIC


pt0028 - The NullCIC chip is a complete solution to replace original "Nintendo Entertainment System" (NES) CIC / Lockout chip. It retains reset functionality and it is region-free. This means that you can take advantage of all NES games from around the world without worrying that it will not work. The exception is of course Famicom games, but with the help of an adapter, you can also play them.

But the most important of it all is that you can now replace the CIC chip with a brand new one. This works on all Nintendo NES motherboards that use a CIC chip.

Known Issues:
The NullCIC fails to soft reset the NES if using an Everdrive N8. This does not mean that it can not be used, it means that you can not press the reset button while playing with an Everdrive N8.

The NullCIC chip can be soldered on in the same place as the original. If you have a socket, it can also fit there. On the NullCIC chip you will see a semicircle on one side, this shows which way to place it. NullCIC is designed by Redherring32 and is licensed through The TAPR Open Hardware License.

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