Aero The Acrobat


#sgm0056 - SNES Game Review - Developed by Iguana Entertainment, Inc. and Published by SunSoft, "Aero the Acro-Bat" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in October of 1993. Aero The Acrobat is a is a fun filled, challenging, sonic-like, side-scrolling action platformer. The game scenario is that a mad scientist and disgruntled ex-clown named Dr. Edgar Ektor, is attempting to remove fun and amusement from the world. Helping Dr. Ektor in his insane mission is a gang of twisted and determined clowns and freaks. You play as a unusual acrobat hero, who is a circus bat named Aero (Get it, "Aero-Bat?") who's moto is "the show must go on". Your quest objective is to see that it does. Standing in your way is Dr. Ektor's fire-breathers and knife-throwers, but you must prevail to clear the circus of all his clowns and freaks that threaten to destroy the show. Walk the tightrope, survive a very distressing roller coaster ride, fly through hoops of fire, do whatever it takes to stop the mad Ektor. Perform all kinds of circus tricks and stunts, but be sure to avoid lethal obstacles as you jump your way through the circus levels. You will use various machines and collect many power-ups like cheese, keys and soda that will help you in your mission. Some special powerups are clocks that allow you to have extra time, special throwing stars and items that will unlock bonus levels. Don't let the first levels fool you, there are many diverse and multi-themed levels that will emerge as you continue on in the game. Especially the Bungee rope levels and moving-screen level. Everything that you'd expect to see in a typical carnival or circus, you will find in Aero The Acrobat for SNES. The graphics are good, with bright colored backgrounds and crisp sprites. The sound is standard and the music fits. The gameplay, easy to use controls, fun levels and diverse action is the little things that help Aero The Acrobat rise above more mediocre platform games. A top shelf platformer that features everything that makes the genre so great. Aero The Acrobat is also known in gaming circles as "ATA," "Aero The Acro-Bat: Rascal Rival Revenge," and in Japan as "Acrobat Kid". Pre-owned - Includes Game Only, no manual or instructions are included. Rarity Rating "C" - Aero the Acroba game review by "Prince" NES Gamer.

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  • UPC: 020763110310
  • Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: "N/A"
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Class: Licensed
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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