Spanky's Quest


SGM0047 - Review: Developed and Published by Natsume Co., Inc., "Spanky's Quest" was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in July of 1992. In this rare game, you play as Spanky the lovable primate monkey through a action-packed world of epic adventures and puzzles. The scenario is that you take a knapsack full of fruit and are on your way to have a picnic in the woods, Suddenly a witch in the sky casts a spell that builds a dungeon with towers around you and turns all your fruit into fruit monsters. Then the witch challenges you to go to the final tower, where she promises to free you. As she flies away, she looses her magic ball, which agrees to help Spanky out on his quest. There are six towers, 10 levels and Boss battle in Spanky's quest. You must climb each of the towers, which are full of the witches minions. Monkey business ensues as you continue on your quest through all sorts of surprises. Each tower presents unique and diverse challenges for Spanky to overcome in his quest for freedom. In order for Spanky to proceed to the next level, he must acquire all the keys that each locked door requires. In Spanky's Quest, different types of hats temporarily gives him specific powers until he loses it. Spanky's only weapon is to use bubbles that transform into sports balls that he throws at his enemies. But careful, if the witches monster picks up one of the door keys, you must use a attack ball on them to get it. Spanky's attack ball has 4 different options, which are basketball, baseball, soccer ball and volleyball. You may also play with stronger balls bouncing them on Spanky's head. Spanky's Quest is a fun, challenging and very original game where you have to rely on your reflexes, control and wits in order to be successful. As far as save, there is a password save feature, where you can save any valuable progress you've made through the game. The Japanese title for Spanky's Quest is "Hansei-zaru Jiro-kun no daiboken". UPC: 719593030010 - Some Animated Violence - Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating N/A - Rarity Rating C+ - Spanky's Quest Review by "NES Gamer".

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