Snowboard Kids 2


N64GM030 - Developed by Racdym and published by Atlus Co., Ltd., "Snowboard Kids 2" was released for the Nintendo 64 game system in 1999. This is the very rare innovative sequel to the famous N64 snowboard simulation game, "Snowboard Kids". Yes, The Snowboard Kids are back, and the developers have kept the tried and true style of simple snowboarding action, while adding more options to enhance gaming experience. For example there are many great power-ups to get during gameplay. There are more interesting characters, more equipment and more levels. Boo-Ya! And in an improved storyline, this time the Snowboard Kids have a nemesis in the form of a bratty little twerp by the name of Damien. Snowboard Kids II is a fun innovative family sports game that combines a skill and trick snowboard with arcade-like shooting elements. As before, players can choose from various lovable characters with different looks and skills. And there are also different gaming modes such as a story mode. And let me tell you, it has a very light but interesting and entertaining plot. Like the original, performing tricks during a race or winning the race itself will earn you money, which you can spend upgrading your equipment or getting items. The arcade shooting elements of Snowboard Kids 2 allows you to throw objects at other snowboard kids in order to slow them down. The graphics are an upgrade from Snowboard kids 1, and the sound track is simply beautiful. Boy, these guys do know good music! The strange thing is, the snow courses are not often covered with snow, as most of the tracks are in strange locations like castles or jungles. This does not diminish the addictive fun one bit. Not so strangely enough, Snowboard Kids 2 is called "Chou Snowbo Kids" in japan. Its also known by some gamers as SBK2 or SK2. But this snow board game, by any other name, is a bonafide winner and probably one of the best games for the n64. And its rarity makes it a solid collector's item. So if you can find it, add this gem to your collection. Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating B+ - Review by NES Gamer

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