Quake II


N64GM040 - Developed by Raster Productions L.L.C., and published by Activision, Inc., "Quake II" was released for the Nintendo 64 game system on June 30, 1999. Quake II is a fun-filled action packed first-person shooter, with a skill level system that makes it playable for just about anyone. If you enjoyed Quake 1, you'll love the Quake 2 game. The scenario / storyline is that an alien race called the Strogg is threatening the earth. In an operation called "Alien Overlord", the earth has launched a counter-offensive. Your mission and game objective is to take the fight to the Strogg home world, secure their capitol city, and destroy their ruler. The Strogg manifest themselves in various forms ranging from assimilated humanoids to large mechs with rocket launchers for arms. There are a great selection of different weapons to master in Quake II, each more destructive than the last. Including the railgun, Blaster and secret code weapon. You can also find more ammunition and armor throughout the game than in the previous version. power ups and Health can also be found in the levels. The graphics in Quake 2 are very well done, with the lighting effects lending a wonderful sense of realism to the game. This all makes the levels more fun and challenging. The sound effects are a very nice touch, with spooky and eerie sounds that heighten the adventure. On the gameplay side, it is fast paced, the controls tight, making for a solid exploration of plenty of nicely designed levels. What more could you ask for? Note: To enjoy the beauty of Quake 2 to its fullest, I would suggest you really should get the 4mb Expansion Pak upgrade to bring your N64 up to 8mb. Also, play the game with the rumble pak. All in all, Quake II is an excellent port, and the multiplayer Deathmatch action is outstanding. A good pickup to add to your N64 collection. Pre-owned. Includes game cartridge only. Rarity Rating C- - Review by NES Gamer

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