Shadow Man

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#n64gm090 - Developed and Published by Acclaim Entertainment / Studios, Inc., "Shadow Man" was released for the Nintendo 64 (N64) Entertainment System on July 31, 1999. This is a 3rd-Person perspective, complex, and wonderfully crafted 3-D action adventure game. Inspired by an Acclaim comic book of the same name, you play as the Michael LeRoi, this mysterious person from New Orleans who can change between the world of the living and the world of the evil dead, called Deadside, where he becomes Shadowman. It is your mission to prevent 5 serial killers from bringing the total armageddon to the world. In the normal world you are mortal and battle with conventional weapons. But when you go to the world of the dead and become Shadow Man, you're not really mortal. And so you can't use normal weapons. Instead you have voodoo powers and a weapon that shoots ghosts which kill the evil creatures and zombies that inhabit dead side. You have the ability to carry a large inventory around and can use both left and right hands. So arm him with a gun in each hand when needed. The graphics of Shadowman are outstanding, with impressive 3D displays of huge worlds, and even includes over 40 minutes of cut-scenes and hours of in-game speech. There are areas of the game with haunting melodies and soft ambient music. Other times there is no music at all. The gameplay is very good also, and he can move in any direction. To be honest, Shadow Man is quite possibly the most psychologically atmospheric game I've ever played. I loved it! It had a 3-D Metroid-like feel and went directly to my best N64 games List. In Germany this game is called "Shadow Man: Rette deine Seele." Also known as Shaddow Man - Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - UPC: 021481641414 - ESRB Rating "M" for Mature - Rarity Rating C+ - Rumble Pak and Controller Pak compatible - 8MB Expansion Pak compatible for high-resolution mode - Shadow Man review by NES Gamer

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