Hey You, Pikachu! Game, Microphone and VRU Receiver


n64gm069 - Developed by Ambrella and published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Hey You, Pikachu!" was released for the Nintendo 64 game system on November 05, 2000. Are you a Pokémon fan and dream of controlling your very own Pokémon by your voice? If so, Hey You, Pikachu! with microphone and VRU receiver is a great pokémon adventure system and game for you. The game pairs 2000's hottest character, Pokémon, with puzzle solving, hidden secrets and the innovative idea of voice recognition for kids. In Hey You, Pikachu! You speak directly to Pikachu through the microphone that connects to your controller by means of the Voice Recognition Unit (VRU) included with the game. The voice recognition unit plugs into the fourth controller port on the system, while the microphone attaches to the top of the control pad. Speaking with voice recognition really gives the player the sense of being a partner in the game, as he tells Pikachu things to help direct this Pokémon adventure game. Though the analog stick is used for navigation, speaking directly to Pikachu is the usual method of interacting with the game. And there are in fact nearly 200 words and phrases that Pikachu will understand. Hey You, Pikachu! features 20 different minigames. You get up each morning and wake Pikachu up by saying "Good Morning!" There are a good collection of activities and games for you to play with Pikachu such as Pokémon trivia on the TV set, water catch, you can go hunting for treasure or go fishing or collecting goodies. You can gather food, investigate the Ochre Woods, go to the campground, check out Bulbasaur's picnic, baby-sit Caterpie, and much more. Its all a adventure and you control it day by day. When each minigame is over, you go back home and sleep and prepare for another day of adventure. As you play the game longer, more minigames, secrets and features are unlocked, and Pikachu's friendship meter will grow. Hey You, Pikachu! is an nice little interactive N64 game that gives the kids the opportunity to get the realistic sense of talking to their favorite Pokémon character. It's really a crime that this game will likely be overlooked by most Nintendo 64 gamers, because once you actually play it, Hey You, Pikachu! is a very fun and addictive game that is not just a children's game, but is fun for kids and adults as well. In Japan Hey You, Pikachu! is called "Pikachu Genki Dechu." Pre-owned. Hey You Pikachu! game, Microphone and VRU are included! Rarity Rating B - Review by NES Gamer

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