M.C. Kids


#gm0086 - Developed and published by Virgin Games and released in February of 1992, M.C. Kids is truly a unique and original 2-D platformer game. In this game you choose to play as either Mick or Mack. The dastardly Hamburglar has swiped Ronald McDonald's bag of magic tricks, and it's up to you to save the day by getting them back. You help Donald by going on a mission through Mcdonald land collecting cards and puzzle pieces. And you come across most of the McDonald characters as you travel. You pick up blocks which you use to throw at the bad guys. M.C. Kids is a game that features six worlds, plus nine bonus levels and a secret world. What I especially like about M.C. Kids is that the levels allow you to go from beginning to end, and also back again to the beginning. This way you can actually search for all of the secrets that are hidden in the game. If you have never played MC Kids, you should at least try it. Because for kids, and those who are kids at heart, this is an amusing and fun game to play that you never seem to tire of. One or two players can play, but the game has no saving capability. The music is adequate, the graphics are good (sort of like in Super Mario Brothers 3), and the animation is very smooth. In Europe, M.C. Kids was entitled, "McDonald Land."

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