Mega Man 5


  - gm0009 - Outstanding condition - Developed and published by Capcom Co., Ltd., and released in December of 1992, Mega Man V is the rarest and fifth installment of the Rockman Complete Works series and became an instant classic. This is one of the scarce Megaman titles, but a game that is fun and challenging to play. The scenario of this game is that a group of robots are running rampant and have terrorized and destroyed half the city. When Dr. Light goes to investigate, Protoman kidnaps him. It's up to Rockman (Mega Man) to fight his way to rescue Dr. Light. With the help of your Mega Buster. The question is, could Rockman's alleged brother, Blues, be responsible? Stay tuned! Mega Man five is a really great addition to the Rockman series. There are 13 levels and you'll battle eight of Protoman's cybernetic soldier bots. If you defeat all eight, you'll go mano-amano with Protoman himself. This game can become really difficult and tricky near the end, but it always keeps you interested. As far as the graphics goes, as in all mega man games, they are above average. The sound of the theme is the type that you will have in your head long after you stop playing the game. It's always difficult for a sequel to overcome it's predecessor, but this one I think accomplishes that. Of course there are many different powers that you must collect, and they usually correspond in some way to the Bosses that you defeat at the end of each level. In Japan for the famicom system this game was entitled, "Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 5: Blues' Trap!?" But the Megaman 5 game by any other name is a classic collector's item. (Rarity Rating B)

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