Donkey Kong 3


#gm0025 - Developed and published by Nintendo of America Inc., and released in June of 1986, Donkey Kong 3 is a rare conversion game of the 1983 Arcade classic. In this third of the Donkey kong series, this hard to find classic game has changed from a straight platformer type, to more of an action shooter platform format. The scenario in Donkey Kong III is that the great Ape has taken over a greenhouse with multiple levels. You play as "Stanley, the Bugman," and your mission is to get Donkey Kong out of the Greenhouse building. As for game play, even players who are not interested in this style game will enjoy this one, because it is simply an amazing game. It basically has everything that you can ask for. As you're playing the great Ape will toss things at you, and agitate hives to send down a swarm of angry bees against you. Be sure to watch out for the caterpillars that crawl down vines, destroying the flowers below you. To prosper, you must jump between the levels and use bug spray to repel those pesky insects, and to drive the Ape into the next part of the greenhouse. Push Donkey Kong high enough, and a can of super bug spray giving a larger shooting radius will send the Ape scurrying up the vines faster. What i especially like about Donkey Kong 3 is that it introduces new characters and enemies into the game. The Bosses are tough, but manageable if you keep your head about you. Once you get the big Ape through the three levels of the greenhouse where a bee hive is on his head, the levels start all over again. As they say, three is a Charm! This is another great vintage NES classic. Rarity Rating B-

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