Ice Climber


#gm0084 - Developed, published and released in January of 1985 by Nintendo Co., Ltd., Ice Climber is the "rare" port of the classic coin-operated video arcade game. This may be a 20 year old NES game, but it's still a great classic that holds it's own in the likeness of Donkey Kong. In Ice Climber you (and a friend in two player mode) climb to the top of 32 different mountains. And each of the mountains have 8 different levels, and a end bonus level at the top. It may seem very simple, but avoiding creatures, and jumping on platforms and busting blocks to your advantage gets very tricky as you progress through Ice Climber. As a weapon, you have only a mallet. So be careful on your climbing journey, because beside from falling icicles and slippery paths, there are large snakes and polar bears among other creatures who will be there to thwart you from making your conquest. Add to that some moving floors, and you will have to be at your best to conquer the peaks. You can also use your mallet to knock down walls and bust up bricks so you'll have more space to jump up to the next level. Remember, timing is crucial in your jumps, and though you can jump high, you cannot jump very far. And a somewhat sluggish gameplay response makes it even sweeter when you reach the top. I recommend it!

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