Tecmo Bowl


#gm0044 - Released in February of 1989 by Tecmo Ltd., "Tecmo Bowl" was by far the most popular football game of it's time. This is the pioneer of NFL video games. The great football games of today (Like Madden) owe allegiance to this great innovator of exciting and realistic football action. This was the game that started it all. Licensed by the NFLPA it was the first game to use real NFL players on a console. It was the first game to let you have a full season, and then play in the playoffs. And it was the first to incorporate into the gameplay realistic individual cover defense selections. Not to mention to give you a wide open selection of offenses depending upon the team strengths. This game is simplicity at it's best, and has had young and old alike coming back for more. Because it pits player vs. player in the likeness of the real thing. Or, if there is no one to play against, you can go against the computer or play in coach mode. The graphics are good for it's time, and the music is catchy. You get to choose from 12 NFL teams (of 1988). The player perspective is top-down as the screen scrolls horizontally. There are only 9 players to a team, but this also makes for a more open football game, better graphics and less screen crowding or tiny players. On offense, you have four plays to choose from which is usually divided between passes and running plays. And each team has different plays depending upon the team you select and their strengths and weaknesses. And yes, they were generally on point in sizing them up! The game contains a password feature that will permit you to resume tournament play, but no continuer. Tecmo Techmo Bowl has earned it's place in the Diamond Life Top 20 NES games of all Time! This game is sometimes erroneously read and known as Techmo Bowl.

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