Metal Gear


#gm0041 - Released in December of 1987 by the Konami Corporation, this is the beginning of the classic Metal Gear infiltration series of missions, and one of the hardest games to play. But what makes this game an instant classic is it's new style for the time it was released. This is the game that started the whole infiltration mission category in video shooter games. The scenario is that, hidden in the jungles of South America is a military compound run by an evil secretive leader out to conquer the world. One of your company soldiers (Code named: Grey Fox) was captured by this leader after a failed intelligence gathering mission about Metal Gear. As the rookie recruit (Code name: Solid Snake) of Fox-Hound, the covert military black operations unit, your job is to infiltrate a small fortified nation called "Outer Heaven," rescue your comrade Grey Fox, and destroy the metal gear. Metal Gear is a new prototype weapon that this leader has under development, and is threatening to destroy the western nations with. You start the game with nothing but a pack of cigarettes, but you can pick up many diverse weapons, including a pistol, machine gun, land mines and grenade launcher. You must confront the bosses of Outer Heaven's mercenary soldiers and rescue those whom they have taken hostage. By this you increase rank and power and weapon capacity. As Snake you also have access to a transceiver to speak to "Big Boss," your commanding officer, and this is how you gain more knowledge about the mission and your objectives. The one drawback is that it doesn't have a save feature, however this only makes for a harder game and one that will hold your interest longer. All in all a classic game that has to be in any NES collection.

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