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#gm0156 - Developed and published by the Taito Corporation, and released in November of 1988, Bubble Bobble is a platform game NES conversion of the classic Arcade version. And it is without question, one of the best games created with such a simple concept, and yet so much fun and addictive to play. The scenario is that two friends (Bob and Bub) go exploring a mysterious cave, and find themselves transformed into two rosy cheeked bubble breathing Dinosaurs/Dragons. They find they cannot become human again unless they make it through to the end of the cave. Thus, the mission is on! Bubble Bobble is not an easy game. But fortunately there are plenty of power ups to help you out. Some may float by in bubbles. There is Dragon food to give you energy, candy increases bubble speed and distance, you can electrify your bubbles with lightning and shock your enemies, and there are also sneakers to speed you up. The game play crisp, responsive and pretty straight forward. You can blow bubbles and leap unto them for advantage, and even string them together. As a weapon, use them to trap the baddies. But if you leave them, they'll ultimately break out and come after you. You have to jump on the bubbles and pop them with the baddies inside to defeat them. You can also use water as a weapon. The graphics are pretty good for the NES, and the sound is very nicely done. Note that the bubbles can be ridden, which permits you to reach those delicious bonus point filled cakes and fruits. Learn this technique and you will succeed in this game. Each of the 100 levels are a single screen, and all the bad guys have to be cleared from these levels before you can proceed to the next. There is a caution. Taking too long on any level will result in the invisible Baron Von Blubba floating in with the intention of doing you in. so time is important! This is an exciting, fun but also plenty of challenge to keep you coming back for more. And another great aspect of this game is that you can play simultaneously with a friend to make things easier, and you can continue. In Brazil Bubble Bobble is called "Dragon Maze." Rarity Rating D

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