Dragon Warrior II


gm0088 - Developed and Published by Enix Corporation, "Dragon Warrior II," was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in September of 1990. It is a very immersive turn-based fantasy medieval type Role-Playing Game (RPG), that vaunts its classic predecessor to the next level in RPG gaming. This game takes place a century after the time of Dragon Warrior, when years of peace is suddenly shattered by the rise of the dastardly wizard Hargon, who destroys the country of Moonbrooke. The ruler of the Kingdom of Mindenhall enlists his son, Prince Loto (and a descendant of Erdrick) to go out and defeat the evil wizard Hargon and restore peace to the land. Dragon Warrior II is different from the first game in that it is vast as compared to the first Dragon Warrior. There are also additional dungeons to search and many more different monsters that you have to defeat. This game is also different in that Dragon Warrior II allows you to have permanent help in your quest. Joining you on your mission will be your two cousins. They are the Princess of Moonbrooke, who is adept with magic. And the prince of Cannock, who is a an accomplished Wizard. These characters in your party will prove indispensable as you learn to use each of them to their full potential. Control and design in Dragon Warrior II is top notch, very intuitive with most actions allowed by the use of only two buttons. The graphics are nicely done, with characters well defined. And the overworld visuals have been greatly improved over the first game. The music is also very pleasant and fits the themes perfectly. What I most like about this game is that sense of accomplishment when you earn the right to gain a Spell, or purchase armour and weapons. this is what a great RPG is all about, fun, accomplishment, challenge and adventure. And this game has it all. Dragon Warrior II is widely regarded as the game in the series that most set the standard for the games that came later. This NES game is Also known as "DW2," "DQII," "Dragon Warrior 2," and "Dragon Warrior Part 2." In Japan this game is called "Dragon Quest 2". Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating N/A - Rarity Rating C+ - Dragon Warrior II Review by "NES Gamer".

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