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#gm0194 - Developed and Published by Jaleco Ltd., "Astyanax" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in March of 1990 and is loosely based on the Arcade game hit. Astyanax takes place in your typical side scrolling fantasy story setting. Derived from the Greek for "Prince of the City," Astyanax is a sixteen year old boy who dreams of a beautiful Princess calling him for help. Until one day a pixie summons him to the world of Remnia to save the realm's princess. It is written that Astyanax is the chosen one mentioned by the prophets who will come to save the realm from Blackhorn's evil empire. Astyanax's quest will take him through 11 diverse worlds, and along the journey he can unleash powerful magic that will attack all enemies on the screen. He can also find upgrades for his weaponry and powerups for strength. Power-up items are hidden inside magic statues. You may find a fairy when you get low on magic, and she will either give you magic points back, or upgrade your weapon. If you find the mini axe, it will change your weapon from axe to swift spear. Find another and it will change your Astyanax's swift spear to a mighty sword. If you find the power claw, it will allow you to increase your axe power so that you can make stronger attacks. Locating a red potion will return three hit points. Finding a blue potion will restore all your hit points. If you locate the Wings, they will make your attacks on enemies faster. If you find a little image of Astyanax, it will be good for one-up. The graphics of Astyanax are pretty good, the sprites well defined and the choice of color and design excellent. The sound is above average and doesn't annoy (always a good thing). In Japan, Astyanax is titled "The Lord of King." Warnings: Animated Violence - UPC: 032264900116 - Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating N/A - Rarity Rating C - Astyanax Review by Prince NES Gamer.

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  • UPC: 032264900116
  • Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Region: NTSC
  • ESRB Rating: "E" for Everyone
  • Genre: RPG / Adventure
  • Condition: Pre-owned excellent condition

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