Disney's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

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#gm0167 - Developed and published by Capcom Co., Ltd., and released in June of 1990, Disney's Adventures in the Magic Kingdom is a rare side scrolling top-down platformer game. This is a seemingly innocent skate that will both challenge and frustrate you. The scenario is that Goofy has lost the key to start the DisneyLand parade. So in order to get the key, you must search out the six levels (all Disneyland attractions) to find the six silver keys to the castle with the key. Game play couldn't be easier, so it's fun for the whole family. Simply walk around the park until you find an action Stage ride and enter it. The six locations are The Pirates of the Caribbean world, the Autopia world, the Haunted Mansion world, Space Mountain world, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad world and the Disney Trivia world. Each level ride has it's own directions, which Mickey will explain. You get three lives for each level. There is also a store that you can reach by pressing the select button. here you can buy four different things with the stars that you collect in each level. They are the power of Freeze, Life Up, Invincibility, and 1up.

The Haunted Mansion level is a side-scrolling action stage where you must avoid ghosts and monsters. Your only defense is a candle weapon which you can throw to extinguish any of the enemy creatures. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a sort of guessing where you travel from the top of the screen downward. You drive your mine cart onto the railroad tracks looking for the path that will lead to the third station and your key. But be careful, obstacles and dead ends can bring this ride to an abrupt end. Pirates of the Caribbean is a side-scrolling action stage also. Your objective is to get past the pirates and rescue six captives. When you get that done, light a signal fire to obtain the key. Stop the Pirates by rolling barrels into them. Autopia is a racing stage level. On this racetrack, you will have to contend with Panhandle Pete, who will be intent on sending his evil cohorts at you. Avoiding them and other obstacles you will find yourself at the finish line where you can collect the key. In Space Mountain you must follow the directions carefully. Just follow the Roller Coaster track and -listen to Mickey. And make sure you don't hit the walls, and eventually, you reach section F and find your key. The last key is hidden in Disney Trivia, amongst Mickey Mouse's "friends" who will insist you first prove yourself by answering trivia questions.

The sound and music are exactly what you would want from a game of this type, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The graphics are top-notch, for the NES. It's colorful, vibrant and yet understated and simple. If you love Disneys games, Disneyland or Disney world, get this one. Rarity Rating B

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