Disney's Adventures of Dino Riki

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#gm0166 - Developed by Rix Soft and published by Hudson Soft Company, Ltd., Disney's Adventures of Dino Riki was released in September of 1989. This is an overhead top-down shooter that is slightly similar to games like 1943. The scenario is that Dino-Riki must establish mankind's future in the violent age of dinosaurs, as a kid that has grown up in this land where they rule. He has to do battle with the evil beasts of the time. Dino Riki can jump or shoot weapons to kill the various enemies around him as he progresses through three types of worlds, which are land, ruined city, and mountains. The cool power-ups, such as a boomerang, fireballs, axes, angel wings and super fire spread-shooters, help him to combat his enemies. He must do all this while avoiding pits and obstacles that are in the way. The game is very difficult and is for those who have skill with moving a character very quickly around enemies and obstacles. There are four worlds or levels. There is one stage each in levels 1, 2, and 3, all with check points. But level 4 has four stages with no check points! And at the end of each level, Dino-Riki must do battle against a boss monster. This is a nice game for determined gamers who love a challenge. In japan it is called, "Shinjinrui: The New Type." Rarity Rating C

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