Gotcha! The Sport!

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#gm0241 - Developed and Published by LJN Toys, Ltd., "Gotcha! The Sport!" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987. The game is a 1st-Person Perspective, action side-Scroller paint ball game for use with the NES Zapper light gun. Gotcha! is loosely based upon the movie of the same name, and is really a pretty good paintball shooter in the NES Zapper light gun games series. Your mission is to make it through three diverse battle zones, capture the enemy flag at the opposite end of the field by shooting it, and bring it back to your base. And you must do all this while preserving your ammo and trying not to get shot by the other team. There are three difficulty levels and three different zones (woods, city, snowfield) which will cycle until you lose all of your lives. You play Gotcha "The Sport" by keeping one hand controlling the Zapper light gun, while the other holds the controller. You have to use the D-Pad to control your movement up and down the field. You have a limited amount of paintball ammunition so you must use strategies to conserve enough to get you to the completion of your mission. However, you can get additional paintball ammunition in the game. Combined with this is the fact that the computer team may grab your flag and return it to their base, winning the game. To prevent this, you can chase down the flag carrier and shoot him yourself. You must be on your toes as the game progresses because the numbers of enemies and their reaction time increase with each cycle. The graphics in Gotcha1 The Sport! are pretty vibrant, and the characters are fairly detailed which gives a nice look and feel to the game. So pack on your NES Zapper light Gun and it's just you against the computer for a one on one, capture-the-flag and beat the highest score, paintball shooting game. Requires NES Zapper Light Gun - Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating "E" for Everyone - UPC: 023582051536 - Rarity Rating C, Gotcha! The Sport Review by "NES Gamer".

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