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gm0070 - Released in August of 1992 by Ocean, "RoboCop III" is a rare side-scrolling platform shooter. Besides being a game hard to find today, it is a unique stand alone to the Robocop series that is different from the previous games. No doubt inspired by the theme of the third Robocop movie, in Robocop 3 you traverse the city streets shooting at the Splatterpunks and the thugs that OCP has hired. They haves employed them to wipe out Old Detroit in preparation for building Delta City. Like the movie, RoboCop is now on the other side of the law, so he can protect the innocence families of old Detroit from OCP. As Robocop, it's up to you to fight on the side of justice against the Rehabs and save old Detroit. With your newly designed suit with multi-weapon arm attachment, you are given various missions at each level (such as rescuing friends) and you have to defeat the many thugs and punks and make your way to the Boss at the end of each. You have to defeat the Bosses through five levels in order to take down OCP. And those enemies include hordes of ED-209s, heavy artillery and even tanks. The graphics in this game are very good, really smooth and there is a lot of detail in everything so that even the backgrounds looks nice. The main difference in this version of Robocop (besides it being a genuine shooter) is that you can now gather special certain kits (P Icons) that you find within the game that will fix Robocop's wounds after he's completed a level. RoboCop three is more of a shooter than its predecessors, and it is a tougher game with better enemies. But it is still a very enjoyable game and a welcome addition to any NES game library. It is also known as "Robocop Redux." Robocop 3 does justice to the Robocop trilogy as the final version on the NES.

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