Super Mario Sunshine


GCG0003 - Developed and published by Nintendo (EAD) of America Inc. and released on August 27, 2002, "Super Mario Sunshine" is a superb and highly sought after game with a really distinctive look that has almost everything that Super Mario 64 did not. No question but that this is a worthy successor to Mario 64. The game starts off with the Mario, Princess Peach, Toadsworth, and Toad entourage on vacation in Isle Delfino for some recreation. But when they arrive, they find that the island has been polluted by dark forces and this is causing the Shine Sprites, which are the Island's energy source, to evaporate. And this dark force looks very much like Mario, who is consequently blamed for the problem. Mario is unjustly accosted, tried and sentenced to clean up Delfino island. He is given a backpack water cannon cleaner (A FLUDD) to clean, which also helps him in his quest to capture the real villain. And there are upgrades for FLUDD. The graphics are very sharp and polished giving this world a very stylized design and appearance. And particularly the FX of the water scenes, as it looks magnificent. And as brilliant as the graphics are, the soundtrack is a high point also. Some new, and several tunes that have been retooled from old games. The gameplay of Super Mario Sunshine features a combination of action and puzzle solving, and you will also find a rather large collection of nice secrets to uncover. Nintendo has a simple strategy that has been working for more than 15 years. Combining universal charm with simple and intuitive controls, Nintendo has come up with another great in the Mario series. With numerous stages and multiple episodes to each stage, there is plenty to keep you busy in this game. It is very addicting, and will keep you coming back for more. Overall, Super Mario Sunshine continues in the same line of previous Mario games. It's excellent, and a must have for the Game Cube. Super Mario Sunshine is also known by the acronym of "SMS." Pre-owned. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C

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