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GCG0010 - Developed by Retro Studios Inc., and published by Nintendo of America Inc., Metroid Prime is an incredible sci-fi odyssey that was released on November 18, 2002. This game is one of the most innovative, atmospheric and brilliantly designed games ever created. The game scenario is that a meteor has crashed on a peaceful planet named Tallon IV, and released an element called Phazon that poisons or mutates all living things. The people Chozo have abandoned the planet, but space pirates have moved in to study Phazon and harness its power for destructive evil. They have begun rebuilding their fortress on planet Zebes and reviving the Mother Brain. Shamus has tracked space pirates to the planet of Tallon IV, where he must now enter and destroy them before they have the opportunity to build up their evil forces. Metroid Prime is a first-person shooter/adventure where you play from behind Shamus Aran's visor. The story is wonderfully told as Shamus scans with his visor throughout the game. The world is fun and creative to explore and is split into 5 massive areas and 2 small areas. Each of the areas have its own distinct themes consisting of ruins, grassland, lava area, mines and an ice area. The music, graphics and effects for this game are extraordinary, even by todays standards. There is unique and appropriate theme music for each area, and when Shamus is walking in the rain, you will see the rain on his visor. And when steam hits his visor, it will fog up and the vision will be blocked. The whole game is like this, which actually makes the player feel just like he actually "is" Shamus. All of the environments are gorgeous and beautifully detailed. Indeed, they are so unique that no room you enter will ever look the same. The implementation of the gameplay element is stellar, and you will enjoy every minute of play. You will need to use all your abilities investigating the pirate infestation of Tallon IV. You can find over 15 suit upgrades, and there are over 50 expansions hidden in the game. Your weapons initially consist of Samus's beam with charge capability, and missiles. By using your scan visor you will piece together the story and unlock the mystery and truth behind what has happened to the poisoned planet of Tallon IV. Metroid Prime is in everyone's Game Cube Top Ten list, and if it's not in your collection, you don't know what you are missing. Preowned - includes case, disk and instruction manual in excellent condition - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating D

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