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GCG0228 - Developed by Treasure Co., Ltd. and Published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Wario World" was released for the Nintendo Gamecube System (GCN) on June 24, 2003. Warioworld is a rare 3rd-person perspective action game where Nintendo's antihero, Wario (the alleged evil version of Mario), has stolen a mysterious black jewel. Deep within Wario's castle is stored the many treasures Wario has acquired during his thieving exploits. But this mysterious black jewel is unique in that it has a strange power to transform gems into evil monsters. Unknown to Wario, the gems in his treasure room begins to morph into a host of monsters, turning Wario's store room into a strange parallel World. You play as Wario in Wario World, and your quest is to get that treasure back by fighting and defeating the evil monsters. Your goal on each level is to collect enough jewels so that the path is opened to that level's boss. When one level is completed in Wario's world, the next one opens up and play continues. The game consists of four worlds, each with two stages ending in a boss fight. Once you've cleared those two stages, a third boss fight opens up. Defeating this Boss will allow you to continue to the next World. The great thing about this is that levels in Wario World are pretty large, and each offers extra objectives. In addition Wario can also grab certain items and also some enemies and swing them around and then release them at his foes, causing greater damage. When you defeat the monsters, they yield Wario coins, which he can collect and use to buy health and bonuses. This is a nice little fun and unique game. Pre-owned in excellent condition. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - ESRB Rating: E for Everyone - Rarity Rating D - Review by NES Gamer

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