Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles


GCG0221 - Developed by The Game Designers Studio and published by Nintendo of America Inc., "Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles" was released for the Gamecube on February 9, 2004. And after a 10 year absence, the Final Fantasy series has returned to the Nintendo console with a vengeance. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is an action, Zelda-style RPG that is the best in the Final Fantasy series. And one of the reasons is because you now can control your character during battles. The scenario of the game is that the world is covered by a poisonous miasma or vapor, and the only thing that keeps it from killing all the people is the fact that it is repelled by the light of large, magical crystals. The energy of these Crystals must to be refilled annually with Mana water. So every year four youths are chosen and sent to the dangerous caves where the Mana water resides. At the beginning of the game, you choose one of the four available character classes: magic-using Yulks, thief-like Selkies, gentle-natured Clavattes, and cute little Lilties. You play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles as a character of your choosing, or you can play in multi-player mode, which is one of the most unique implementations of this mode in gaming. In single player mode, there are some advantages such as the ability to fuse spells together. But the Multiplayer mode of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is just awesome when playing with friends. Using the GBA-GC connection link (sold below) and your Game Boy Advance systems, you can have up to three friends controlling four different characters. All they need is an interest in Zelda-like RPGs and a willingness to learn how the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game works. You get to choose your family and trade, and travel across the world in a caravan, alone or with characters that you have created. And the graphics are simply fantastic, with beautiful backgrounds, breathtaking scenery and vibrant colors. And the responsiveness and extensive game play in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles allows you to have hours of non-stop fun. The characters are all interesting and the fight system works quite nicely. All in all, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is an awesome and fun game to play. A sorely needed step in the right direction for co-op RPGs. Pre-owned in excellent condition. Rated T for Teen. Includes case, disk and instruction manual - Plays on Gamecube or Wii - Rarity Rating C+

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