Galoob Game Genie for SNES


#sac011 - The SNES pre-owned Game Genie is a game enhancement (Cheat) cartridge designed by Galoob for use with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Beat those impossible games with game code special powers! It is inserted between the cartridge and the console and modifies game data. You will see a screen that lets you type in codes from the Game Genie code book that allows you to manipulate various aspects of the game. With the codes you can play your games with special effects, make things easier, or make things harder! With this little Jenie you can:

  • Jet warp to secret worlds
  • Punch Harder
  • Unlock secret areas or characters
  • Play with unlimited lives
  • More Speed
  • Add extra cool effects
  • Change the game music and/or graphics
  • Jump Higher!
  • Skip game levels

  • ...and lots more!
The SNES Game Genie is a must-have for all serious video games players and collectors! List of Game Genie Codes can be found everywhere online. Note: The Game Genie does not work with Super Nintendo games that contain a performance enhancing chip (e.g. Super FX and S-DD1 chip).

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