Complete Gamecube Optical Laser Lens Replacement Repair Part


GCPT026 - DISCLAIMER: For installation by qualified technicians only!This is the Nintendo Gamecube Laser Lens Replacement assembly. Your gamecube Laser (acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) scans the information stored on the optical game disc used in your gamecube systems. It uses a single color of light, which is about a few millimeters in size to read game information. If your gamecube laser will no longer read a game disc (disk), load times are increasing, or someone has turned the laser voltage up to prolong it's life, your Gamecube laser lens may be damaged and need replacement. If your lens is defective, you will need this gamecube laser Lens replacement part to repair your gamecube system and get it working like new again. These are high quality Gamecube Laser Lens Replacements that will give long lasting service and system life.

Note: Please remember, if you are replacing a laser where someone has opened your gamecube and turned the laser voltage up to keep it working, you need to turn the voltage back down to normal. You can do this by turning voltage down to where it won't read discs, and then turning it up again just until it does. we cannot be responsible for damaged lasers due to improper installation. The factory settings of your potentiometer will vary in the DOL-001 with a value range of 450 ohm and 600 ohm while the DOL-101 has a value range of 150 ohm to 250 ohm.

NOTE: This part is for qualified technicians installation only!

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