Original Nintendo GameCube Microphone DOL-022


#dol-022 - The Nintendo GameCube Microphone (DOL-022) is an exotic accessory for the Nintendo GameCube System. It can be used as an instrument for voice transmission sound in games like Mario Party 6, Mario Party 7, Chibi-Robo, Karaoke Revolution Party, The Legend of the Quiz Tournament of Champions and the exciting and thrilling Odama. The Nintendo Gamecube microphone is handheld, not attached to the system or controllers unless you had a microphone holder (DOL-025), and it plugs into one of the GameCube's memory card slots. The reason for this design feature is because Nintendo Inc. wanted to allow for creating voice recognition games that allow the mic to be used while still having four controllers plugged in. This is an EXI device that sits in EXI channel 0 for Memory card Slot A, or EXI channel 1 for Slot B. The Nintendo gamecube microphone has a blue (aqua) colored button that can be pushed to activate it on some Gamecube games. The microphone bundled with ‘Karaoke Revolution Party’ is black with a blue button. Pre-owned and guaranteed.

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