The Lengend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link (Grey)


#gm0031x - Released in january of 1987 the Adventures of Link was one of the most anticipated RPG sequels of all time. And to the intelligent, seasoned NES player, the game did not disappoint. Though the techni-Zelite snobs may not respect this game, it is well worth the effort. There is still the great theme music of Zelda and Ganon, yet this game stands out as diverse from the first. The major difference between this game and The Legend of Zelda, is it's incorporation of side scrolling. Gameplay alternates between a top down view when you are traveling and exploring, and side scrolling perspectives when you are doing battle, are in a town or Palace. Yes, the Temples of the first Zelda game are replaced with Palaces. In this version, Link has turned sixteen and is curious about a birthmark on his hand. With the help of Impa, Zelda's nursemaid, he discovers this mark is the key to unlock a secret room where Princess Zelda lies sleeping. She has been put under a spell of eternal sleep by a magician who wanted the knowledge of the triforce of power. The Prince has decreed that all girls in the royal family be named Zelda so this tragedy could not be forgotten. In this game you must search for six Palaces where you will find keys that are encased in statues of stone. To bring Princess Zelda back, Link must locate all the pieces of the triforce which have been hidden throughout the land in these Palaces kept by powerful monsters. They must be battled and conquered before the quest can go on. This game is complex, requires thought and strategy, and should be played with your head firmly planted on your shoulders. I love the new style and appreciate an intelligent and diverse challenge that takes skill, even though it is still fun and adventurous. The Adventure of Link continues the Zelda feature of battery backup so that games can be saved without remembering or writing down passwords. In Japan the title of the game for Famicom is "Riinku no Bouken," meaning Link's Adventure. In any language, it's a great sequel and a great game in it's own right.

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