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#gm0181 - Developed and published by Nintendo of America, the two-games-in-one "Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt" Compilation package was released in 1985. This double game came bundled with the Nintendo Entertainment System consumer package that included the control deck, 2 controllers, and the NES light zapper gun. The Super Mario Bros. game is the adventure sequel to "Mario Brothers." With this follow up, it's legendary figurehead designer Shigeru Miyamoto strikes gold in this Highly addictive, challenging and fun offering. The scenario is that the Princess has been kidnapped by a wicked king named Bowser, and Mario and Luigi must come to her rescue. This game is packed with more than 30 visually stimulating levels of varied theme and design. There are also many good powerups, including Mushrooms to increase your size and strength, an invincibility star, and a fire flower that allows you to shoot fire at your enemies. Super Mario Bros. was one of the earliest NES games that skyrocketed Nintendo's rise to the top of the computer game system industry. It is the type of game that defined what Nintendo was, is, and will be remembered for.

The bundled Duck Hunt game is a shooting simulation game where you go out to the wildlife preserves with your hunting dog to shoot ducks. This game requires the NES zapper light gun. These guns come in two colors, standard grey, and the colorful orange version. There are three modes of play in this game. In game mode A and B, you view the hunting environment from a first-person perspective. Here your hunting dog flushes one or two ducks out of their nesting grounds, and as the fly around for a short time you have only three shots to hit them before they get away. Each successive round will permit you only a certain number of misses in order to move on to the next level. As the levels progress, the hunting ducks begin to fly faster and and even fewer misses are allowed. In the third mode (C) you are in target practice with clay pigeons. The guidelines here are very similar to modes A and B in that you have a limited number of shots to break two clay pigeons before they disappear into the horizon. And the rounds similarly get harder as you progress.

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