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gm0005 - Released in December of 1987, Mega Man 1 is the rarest of all the Mega man games. This is a side-scrolling platform game. This is the original, formerly called Rockman, that started the blue Bomber's video game fame. The synopsis of the story is that there is a futuristic city called Monsteropolis, and a great scientist there named Dr. Light has created robots to help mankind with his labor. He is comissioned to build six special helper robots, but his evil assistant Dr. Willy gains control of the robots and sends them out wrecking havoc in society as Dr. Willy bids for world domination. The robots are named Cutman, Bombman, Iceman, Gutsman, Fireman and Elecman. In a bid to stop his now arch nemesis, Dr. Light retools an experimental robot named Rock (who we call Megaman) to take on the robots. Fitting him with the propper weaponry, he is sent to battle the rebel robots. Search the game because a special Magnet Beam can also be found that you can use to create steps. The main movements of Megaman is that he can can jump and fire his weapon. His mission is to seek out the diverse levels of the six robot masters. As he searches through these levels, he will be attacked by lesser Dr. Willy creations. If Megaman defeats these, he may sometimes receive extra lives, energy or weapons capsules. He must ultimately reach the end and battle each robot bosses to the death. Whenever Mega Man defeats one of the robots, he recovers their power for himself. There are hidden areas in the game that can only be accessed by using the captured robot powers/weapons. Changing these weapons on the fly can help you defeat specific bosses by targeting their weaknessses to specific weapons.

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