Mega Man 2


#gm0006 - Megaman II was released in December of 1988 and was the second of the popular Rockman series games. This is a fun game to play (one of the most popular NES games ever) and there is much variety in the levels. The graphics and gameplay are excellent for the period, and hold up even by today's standards. This was an instant classic and one of the most sought after games of the Mega Man series. The synopsis here is that Dr. Wily was defeated and thrown in prison. But he has now escaped and has made eight more evil Robot Masters to assist him in his evil quest. The Robots are Bubble Man, Air Man, Quick Man, Heat Man, Wood Man, Metal Man, Flash Man and Crash Man. So Mega Man has to once again defeat the Robot Masters and stop Dr. Wily from taking over the world. As far as gameplay, the bosses are sharp and threatening (this was one of the first NES games to use very large bosses) and the game has one of the best and engaging soundtracks of all the Mega Man games. As far as control goes, the game movements are quick and precise, which makes for near-perfect player control.

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