Kid Icarus


#gm0036 - Released in December of 1986, this is another popular and interesting game from Nintendo. In Kid Icarus you can't help but notice that the stunning colorful design of the game is pure artistry. The graphics are as brilliant as they are strange and eerie. Sort of like you might see in Metroid, but more Bizarre. You play this game as the child form of the Greek Hero Icarus, named Pit. Pit is an angel warrior who cannot fly, and whom everyone is counting on to save Angel Land from the evil Medusa. Medusa, as most game villains, is out to destroy the world of Angel Land. She has the Princess, and the task falls to pit to rescue her and assure peace in Angel Land. For weaponry and help he has a powerful bow and arrows, and water of life. In addition, Angel feathers helps pit on his mission. Pit must travel from the caves of the underworld to Medusa's palace in the sky and battle monsters all along the way. As far as the music, it's done by the same composer who did the Metroid music (Hip Tanaka) and it's just as great, if not better. You will enjoy this popular game as you fight to save Angel Land and free the Princess. In Japan for the famicom system, this game is entitled, "Paltena no Kagami." But in any language, it's Kid Icarus! Often misspelled, ikarus.

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