Kirby's Adventure


#gm0016-2 - Released in March of 1993 this is a classic adventure game. This is the game that began it all for Kirby, and that keeps players coming back for more. The game scenario is that the stream that is the souce of all dreams, has dried up. The result is that there are no more dreams in Dream Land. Kirby is simply a chubby pink ball and is designated to rescue Dream Land from this nightmare. Kirby's Adventure is an adventure and action packed side scroller platform game with seven different stages or worlds. And if that wasn't enough, each of those worlds have an additional five to six levels. This is just an awesome game. And as with any awesome game, as it progresses, it gets harder and harder. Kirby has to explore many colorful locations and defeat a variety of enemies in order to return the stream and bring dreams back. Kirby is a unique creature with the power to suck in the bad guys and spit them out. The great thging about this is when he does this to certain enemies, he gains their abilities and weapons like lasers, swords and the ability to fly. One great feature is that this game offers sooooo many great bonus games. Another great feature of this game is it's addition of a battery backup that allows games to be saved without the need for remembering or writing down passawords. Be sure to check each level "thoroughly" or you could miss unlocking the bonus games or miss finding an extra life. This game has really good graphics for an 8-bit NES game, and the sound is upbeat and fun in places, and is sad in appropriate times, but always entertaining. This game is a keeper. With the swallowing of the bad guys, the classic save feature, the variety of bonus games, and over 40 different levels makes this a classic that will last long after many of today's games are forgotten.

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