City Connection


#gm0081 - Developed and published by Jaleco Entertainment Inc., and released in September of 1885, City Connection for NES is a marvelous rare, offbeat, fun, weird (unique) and addicting game. Based on the coin operated arcade hit of the same name, this is generally a good port. The scenario of this game is that you are a young rebel with a hot red super wagon on a crime spree, whom the cops are chasing. Your car is not only hot, it is dripping white paint all over the city. There are levels for you to drive on and each one has a series of platforms. As you drive your getaway car the road turns white from the paint. Of course the cops are not amused, and they set out spike strips to stop you. And boy do these strips work, so avoid them at all costs! In order to complete the level you have to cover the city in paint. There are also 3 red balloons that can warp you to a new city, but these are rare and difficult to get. Powerups are in the form of oil drums that you can pick up. Your car is awesome and has the ability to both shoot oil drums that cause cars to skid, and to jump road levels like a jack rabbit. But it's not all fun and games, because your car has no brakes and perched throughout the game are the little furry cats holding flags that are obsessed with making your life miserable. Avoid the cats and you will do well. The gameplay is awesome. The car handles like it's on rails, can turn on a dime, and you can change directions in mid-air. City Connection is a great (though strange) original, challenging and difficult NES game. But one which is a lot of fun, will keep you coming back for more, and a welcome addition to any NES collection.

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