The Adventures of LoLo

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#gm0126 - Developed and published by HAL Laboratory, Inc., The Adventures of LoLo was released August 09, 1988 and quickly became a NES Classic! It is primarily based on the Japanese game, "Eggerland: Revival of the Labyrinth," and features additional stages and redone levels. Don't let the fact that LoLo is basically a strategy/puzzle game fool you, this is a rare and surprisingly exciting and addictive game. That is proven by the fact that the Adventures of Lolo was one of the more popular NES games, and spawned two sequels. The scenario of the Adventures of Lolo is that the love of Lolo's life, a princess named Lala, is kidnapped by an Evil Demon and imprisoned in his castle. Now it is up to Lolo to navigate the evil empire castle,, free the Princess and set things right. You play this game as the hero LoLo, a round ball-like creature of integrity and honor. Each stage of the game is a castle room that contains a heart piece block. Your journey will be perilous, as the Great Demon castle is well guarded. The stages are a maze of various blocks which you can push around, rocks, trees and water, and populated with monsters who will try to block your path or destroy you. You must brave the emmies and collect the heart pieces in these rooms. Some of the heart pieces will give you Magic powers where you can do things like temporarily turning enemies into an egg, or have a Emerald Framer that shields Lolo from attacks. There are also powerups that become available that you can use after you pick up certain heart pieces. They consist of bridges to cross small streams, hammers that can be used to smash rocks in your path, and the one-way option used to reverse the direction of a one-way. If you are successful and collect all the hearts, a treasure chest opens and there will be a pearl inside. But beware, when you take this pearl, most of the monsters become more dangerous (even those who were not hostile before) for you. Egads! You must very quickly navigate across the room to the exit. So the tip of the day is to try and secure a clear path to the chest when you get the last heart. As with most of these games, they get harder with each successive castle room level. The Adventures of Lolo is a great classic game that combines excellent gameplay with smartly done environmental puzzles and an addictive game style. The puzzles are challenging and it makes for a great test of the mind. The Adventures of Lolo is also known as "TOL1," "TAOL1," and in Japan, "Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu," or "Eggerland: Labyrinth's Revival". Rarity Rating C+

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