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#gm0094 - Developed by First Star Software and produced by Kotobuki Systems Co., Ltd., Superman for NES was released in December of 1988. Patterned after the comic book character, Superman is a rare NES superhero adventure. You start out as Clark Kent. In order to find out what your job is, you have to talk to everyone at the Daily Planet Newspaper office. But when you leave the Daily Planet, you come face to face with a crime spree like no other crime spree. As long as you have enough energy left, you can enter a phone booth and change into Superman to take on the role of the man of steel to combat the crime. Superman can of course fly to different locations but his main weapons are his super punch and his heat vision. He also has other super powers such as X-ray vision which is great for finding enemies, and can jump quite well. He can also freeze some enemies with his super breath. This game definitely is a super challenge because the city is so huge that it's difficult to find places and buildings you need to go to. And as you progress, the game gets tougher. But where is the fun if it were easy? If you are a fan of Superman, or just like roll-playing as superheros in general, then pick up this game. Rarity rating (B+)

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