Super Sprint

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#gm0125 - Developed by Atari Games Corporation and published by Tengen, Super Sprint for NES is a rare cartridge that was released in 1989. It is a port of the arcade game, which was a outstanding example of arcade top-down racing in the late 1980s. The Nes version is truly a great simultaneous 2 player game (you can also play by yourself) that rivals some of the greats! The game style is from a top down (overhead) view of the racetrack. The object of the game is beautiful in its simplicity. You drive your race car into first place so that you can continue on to the next track. The racetracks start out pretty simple but they gradually get more complicated. The tracks in Super Sprint each have their own hazards and driving challenges. Obstacles may range from traffic cones and oil slicks to tornadoes. Playing this game will quickly become addictive, especially when you get use to the controls. Super Sprint offers powerups in the form of the occasional wrench left on the race track. Collect a couple of these and when you win you can upgrade certain attributes of your car. A few of them are, turbo acceleration, a higher top speed, better tire traction, etc. And make no mistake, these upgrades can make a very noticeable change in the way your race car performs. The graphics are good (not great) and the sound pretty realistic. But all in all the NES version of Super Sprint does a great job of recreating the control of the original arcade version, given it's limitations. Purchase this and you'll own a rare, great condition, unlicensed black Tengen cartridge well worth the price. A can't miss! (Rarity Rating C+)

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