Air Fortress

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#gm0169 - The scenario of this game is that nearby Galactic civilizations have been destroyed by gigantic fortress spaceships, and the Federation of Intergalactic Powers has enlisted you (Hal Bailman) to to find the central core, destroy it, and escape before you are blown to bits in the destruction. First you must fly your lightship through eight heavily defended Air Fortresses, and dock at their air locks. Once you have docked, you then have to traverse the enemy infested fortress in your spacesuit, with the objective of finding and destroying the central core. This is where this game really begins to shine because you must take elevators through the maze-like air fortress in order to find complete tasks, find and destroy the core and quickly find the emergency lightship and escape before the fortress goes critical and explodes. this is the timed sequence, so all due (but circumspect) haste is in order. This classic game is really made up of two parts. The initial side-scrolling (Gradius-like) shooter on the surface of the air fortress. In this part you can pick up Power-ups such as Super-bombs that will clear the screen of all enemies, and also the Invulnerability power-up. the second part of the game is after docking, where you are traversing the enemy infested fortress in your spacesuit. Here you have a Jetpack and a Blaster Weapon! But beware, firing your blaster and walking in your spacesuit is energy consuming, and that energy is only regenerated by standing still. The Jetpack allows you to leap fly rather than jump. There are some good power-ups, such as regular bombs, or energy increasers that can be found. Rarity Rating C+

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