Alpha Mission

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#gm0115 - Developed and published by SNK Corporation and released in October of 1987, Alpha Mission is a port of the futuristic Arcade game. Alpha Mission is a vertically scrolling shooter moving continuously up toward the top of the screen in the vein of Xevious or Gradius. The game scenario is that earth has been invaded by aliens from the galaxy of Tetrenova. They are a band of survivors of a war that has exhausted their universe's resources and destroyed their planets. They have chosen earth as a place to colonize and rebuild. You play as an earth Space fighter pilot who takes his SYD space fighter to attack the enemy space station and destroy enemy targets. Your mission is to defeat the invading forces with your fighter making bombing attacks. You can get power-ups that supply you with more energy to obtain more powerful Space ship upgrades. If you reach the end of the Space station level, you will meet the boss you must defeat. (Rarity Rating C)

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