Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine

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#gm0083 - Developed by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd., and published by Acclaim, "Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine" was released in December of 1989. It is an arcade style action game for one player. The scenario is that the planet earth had three hidden storage asteroids where minerals and gems were stored. It was believed that they would be safe there, but a band of space pirates called Zoggians have seized and taken control of the asteroids. Now it's up to you to launch into battle to recover them. You will fly an experimental spacefighter and ultimate fighting machine, the Cybernoid. It is fully equipped with the latest high tech weapons of war including Ray Guns, missiles, and the ability to acquire other weapons on your mission. And there are the always trustworthy shielding balls, the super explosive tracking bombs, and the rear-firing blasters. With these weapons, it's up to you to stop the Zoggians and the caterpillar life forms from securing the earth's precious cargo. While you start the game with nine ships (lives), you can pick up more by amassing more points during the game. People misunderstand this game and don't give it enough credit. i.e., you get 9 because you're supposed to use them wisely and "effectively" to progress in the game. Each of the 9 ships comes with a Shield (temporary invincibility) and 2 Genocide bombs that eliminates all enemies from screen. The point here being, if you use the invincibility, ship, and genocide bombs effectively, you will find that you only have to battle through a small part of the rooms. So use your head! Cybernoid, The Fighting Machine game gives you the choice of three different levels of skill to play on, so take advantage. They are the difficult mode, the Hard mode, and the (so-called) easy mode. One caveat! Be careful when searching rooms because they have bombs that are "time sensitive" and will end your mission quickly if you dottle in traversing them.

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