Fester's Quest

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#gm0235 - Developed by SunSoft and Published by SunSoft, "Fester's Quest" was released for the the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in October of 1989. Based on Uncle Fester (of the Adam's Family fame), Fester's Quest is a top-down perspective shooter/adventure game for NES. The scenario of the game is that aliens have invaded earth, and it is your mission to rescue the townspeople from the invaders and destroy their spacecraft. You play as Uncle Fester (of Adam's family fame), and the ultimate object is to find the Alien ship and destroy the Control CPU. So grab your gun or whip, and set out on your quest to stop the aliens and slay the boss creatures. Fester's quest is a lot of fun and the gameplay great. Especially when you get an upgrade to your blaster gun. Fester can enter certain buildings, which transform the view from the top down into a 3D view. The three levels to this game. the first is the "Outside streets" that Fester must traverse. The second is the "Underground sewers." This is the only way to reach areas of the city that have been cut off. And the third level is the actual "UFO Platform" itself. After you defeat the five Alien bosses, the way to the UFO Platform will be revealed. On your journey, other Addams Family members along the way will help you on your quest. The enemies you defeat may drop money and power-ups. The money can be used to replenish your health. Visit houses to collect items to help you beat the bad guys and bosses. If you haven't played Addams Family's Fester's Quest yet, I would suggest buying a copy, and to increase your enjoyment, play if with an Advantage controller. This game is also known as "Uncle Fester's Quest: The Addams Family," and "Addam's family: Fester's Quest." Pre-owned - Includes Game Only - ESRB Rating N/A - UPC: 020763110075 - Rarity Rating C - The Addams Family, Fester's Quest Review by "NES Gamer".

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