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#gm0113 - Developed by Bits Studios and published by Activision, GhostBusters is based upon the movie of the same title and released in 1986. The concept of the game is very unique. You are leader of the Ghostbusters team and must manage your resources carefully. You only have a limited amount of money buy equipment such as traps and power-ups for the ghostmobile. You start the Ghost Buster game on call in the overworld map where you must travel around the city to different sites and buildings. Powering up the ghostmobile is essential for the game. Some locations to remember, since you have to return to them, are the Ghostbusters Headquarters where you must return to the containment grid to empty your traps. Also the Gas station where you can go if your ghostmobile (Ecto1) runs out of gas, and the supply shop where you can buy useful supplies like power-ups. Ultimately you will end up in the Zuul building found in the center of the city. There are some familiar characters you will meet up with, like the Stay-Puff marshmallow man. The design of the game is unique, the graphics and sound are acceptable, but most of all it can be a fun and challenging game to play. It does follow the movie plot well (unlike a lot of other movie based games) and a lot of strategy is involved. It is a fun game and if you like the movie GhostBusters, you should like this game. Ir's nice little addition to your NES collection. (Rarity rating B-)

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